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IANRP Committees

Executive Committee

The following has been excerpted from the IANRP bylaws:
The Executive Committee shall consist of the above officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Affairs Officer) and the two immediate past presidents, plus two annually elected members. The executive committee shall organize immediately after the annual meeting and the president shall be the chair. Vacancies occurring between annual meetings shall be filled by the executive committee.
The executive committee shall conduct necessary and appropriate business for the Association during the interim between annual meetings. Meetings of the executive committee may be held at any time on call of the president.
Should a majority of the members of the executive committee request a meeting, such a meeting shall be called by the president, not withstanding the foregoing provision.”

The Executive Committee members for 2018 are as following:

Paul Anderson
National Park Service
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Ed Mallek
US Fish & Wildlife Service
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Bill David
Arizona Game & Fish
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Jim Wortham
US Fish & Wildlife Service
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Public Affairs Officer
John Clem
Ohio Division of Wildlife (ret)
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Past President
Joe Barber
Ohio Division of Wildlife
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Past President
Jeff Faught
North Dakota Game & Fish Department
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Elected Committee Member
Doug Holtby
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
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Elected Committee Member
Janna Greenhalgh
Owyhee Air Research
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