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The 2015 IANRP Annual workshop to be held concurrently with the DOI National Pilot Ground School in Boulder Colorado December 1-3, 2015 Click for details

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President’s Newsletter

Dear IANRP Members,

The International Association of Natural Resource Pilots (IANRP)  has been in an dormant state for a while but with the help from our Executive Committee we have reinstated our website, created a Facebook page and a Twitter account and are ready to hold an annual meeting. Although the time between this announcement and the meeting is rather short, we have the opportunity to hold our meeting in conjunction with the Department of Interior ground school being held December 1 – 3, 2015 in Boulder, Colorado and have decided to proceed forward with that plan.

The IANRP business meeting will be held at the close of the DOI National Pilot Ground School on December 3rd from 6:30 pm – 9 pm, in the Evergreen Room in the Boulderado Hotel. At that time we will have the Secretary’s report, the Treasurer’s report, the President’s report and we will hold an election of officers for the upcoming year. I would ask everyone who wants to attend to go to IANRP.org and register for the meeting. If you are a DOI employee and are required to attend the NPGS, please register at IAT.gov.  The meeting agenda, and information on lodging and transportation are available on our website.

I am also asking all members to renew their membership and update their contact information at IANRP.org. Please also encourage other natural resource pilots to join at IANRP.org. The Executive Committee has made membership free for 2016. We hope that this will give more exposure to IANRP and highlight the benefits of membership. We are looking forward to strengthening our organization and to taking advantage of the wealth of information that new members will bring to our group.

Hope to see you in Colorado.

Paul D. Anderson

President – IANRP